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THC Products
you can only find here

We offer a large variety of Delta-8 THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids produced naturally by the cannabis plant but is not found in significant amounts in the cannabis plant.

Gummies, Flower, Prepoll, Vapes, cookies, cartridges all in stock at half Baked smoke shops

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Half Baked smoke shops
Half Baked smoke shops

Top Brands You Already Know

Market leaders In Flavor Selection

Disposable Vapes Brands

5% nicotine and Non nicotine vapes are par of our inventory. Here some of the brands we carry?: Elf bars, EB design , HQD , Fume , VaporLax, Flum, Juucy, Lost Mary, Nebula, Monster Bars and more

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Half Baked smoke shops
Half Baked smoke shops

Breath Taking Why HB?
mind blowing smoke shops


Water Pipes More than 300 unique pieces in our smoke shops.

We love love to share that the water pipe can significantly reduce the number of harmful compounds that end up in your lungs because of its ability to filter the smoke through the water. In addition to this, water can also filter out other nasty toxins of combustion, 

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Half Baked smoke shops
Half Baked smoke shops

The Largest Selections of Smoking Products

Why us We are a mind blowing smoke Shops.

We are located in Fort Lauderdale with 2 locations is the one stop shops for your smoking needs. we offer a large variety of smoking devices, like rolling paper, disposable vapes, Delta 8, and much more, we want you know we got you covered.

Here some of brands we offer Raw, Backwoods, Bob Marley, Grav, Grabba, Dutchs

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Large Inventory Under one Roof

HALF BAKED hookahs

Hookahs all accesories

Hookahs are sold at our smoke shops and produce a positive attitude, in addition social-psychological needs, and also low perceived risk, social-cultural acceptance of hookah.

All the Big flavor and accessories selection are here at half Bakes smoke Shops.

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